Ros' Backyard playtime

Will have to curtail my outside play for a few days.

Oh my goodness – It appears that the Naturally Healthy Aussie is facing one set back after another.  About two months ago – after experiencing one pain after another I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I was also Xrayed for arthritis – which has set up house in my fingers, wrists neck and back – along with damage caused by my most recent job.  Suddenly – after a lot of Internet research, everything made sense!

Last year I eradicated a tumour from my brain.  Now I get to fight of Fibromyalgia.  I have been following doctors orders for to the last few months but now I can think clearly and do things again – I will be looking at ways to permanently and naturally delete the newest demon!  I also need to work on fighting as much damage as possible that is manifesting itself as Arthritis.  The problem with fibromyalgia is thinking through fibrofog!

The a Doctor gave me a prescription for Panadeine Forte last week and I have only been using it when absolutely necessary.  Today  was one of those days when I needed the full dose.  It felt so great being pain free that I really got into the garden. Weeding, replanting, digging.  All well and good until this afternoon when the pain killers started to wear off and I discovered I had strained a muscle in my side :(.

Now I am sitting down writing and realizing that I can be totally miserable – thinking about not being able to do things and not being able to play much outside.   Or – I can think about all the writing and research  opportunities I now have because I can’t do much else!  I guess the glass is half full after all!

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