In the Beginning

For those of you who don’t know – Word Press have a lot of different ways of helping people to get their creative juices flowing.  One of these is to give us a topic that we write about in a unique and creative manner.  This week’s challenge is to write a new creation theory.  I hope you enjoy!


In The Beginning

I wonder what may have been
If flecks of dust that couldn’t be seen
Had not fallen into a muddy quagmire
And mixed with amino acids to create life

The Bible tells of mighty things
A God who created all living beings
This God had sons, said to be giants,
Who mated with women to create an alliance.

Hindus have three mighty Gods
To create all life then knock it down
So people can reincarnate
And learn from their past life mistakes.

Buddha may have got it right
There always was an Earth with Life
Except for Thais who believe that Phrom
Is whom all life extended from.

I believe the Stargate Theory
Of countless Planets and Ancient Beings
Of wormholes through which beings visit
And Earthlings are the actual Misfits!

If I had to form my own ideas
I would say we were always here
Starting as a fleck of stardust
Mixing with the Earth’s fine crust.

Bodies dying but Souls still thriving
Born into another body
Changing sizes, changing shapes
Reincarnating from fish to apes!

Ros Stiles (


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