Count Your Blessings

We had a young Chinese lady staying for almost a week. She was very curious and asked many questions. We have one if those wooden signs that are made to look aged, they have different positive affirmations.

Cathy (real name unpronounceable – so she gave herself an easy one), asked me about the sayings. We got to the one that said “Count Your Blessings”. She did not seem to understand – so I explained it by counting my own out loud. I got to number twenty in just a few minutes.

We have so many good things in our lives that we sometimes forget to be grateful for. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Some days are quite painful – but many days I am ok. I can write, play with my birds, do a little gardening, have HelpX people to help me a wonderful husband, helpful adult children, running water, the ability to protest without being shot at…

The list is endless. Thinking about these good things yesterday was a real ‘Pick Me Up’. We often count our woes but how about, after reading this post, you give yourself permission to count your own blessings and be grateful!

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