Adrenal Health and our Diet.

I am not a health nut but…  Since contracting Fibromyalgia I often research food, diets and fads to find out what may help and what probably won’t.  I do this with foods, therapies and even exercise.

Yesterday I learned quite a bit about the Adrenal glands – which sit on top of the kidneys. It seems they are very reactive to stress and help to stimulate the flight or fight response.  They also help with detoxing the kidneys.  Adrenal fatigue is not a proven disease.  It is more like a lay mans interpretation of what happens when the adrenal glands are overloaded.  It sure makes sense to me.

to support our adrenal glands we need to take control of our stress.  That really is easier said than done.  There are a variety of methods that can all help a bit.

Magnesium is very helpful for lowering stress levels.  Meditation works wonders, as does mild exercise.  Playing with a pet, enjoying a  reading a good book, lazing in the sun – all help!

Diet is especially important to support the Adrenal glands.  Vegetables that are high in iron, such as mushrooms, dark green vegetables and micro green.  Fresh sprouts are a great way to add a quick pick me up for the adrenal glands.  Nuts and seeds are also very supportive, as is spirulina, quinoa, flaxseeds and chia seeds.  Good fats from coconut oil and avocado are acceptable.   Really – the diet is a lot like vegetarian paleo.

Avoid all sugars and foods such as potato that have a low GI and quickly turn into sugar. Unfortunately (for me anyway) this also includes not drinking alcohol, no honey or sugar in our tea or coffee. Also to be avoided is almost all goods that have been processed such as flour, white rice, breads, pasta etc…

It seems a bit rough but highly sensible.  I have been sticking to a very healthy eating plan and reduced my honey intake significantly.  I justify to myself that all the herb teas I drink are healthy so it is a good balance.  I also sneakk the occasional  potato into my meal.

Today I had a potato sliced and fried in coconut oil. I topped this with tomato, spinach, mushrooms, capsicum and onion.  It was delicious, filling and very nutritious.  It also took me less than 15 minutes to make.

Healthy Lunch

Adrenal Health Food

Why not give your adrenal glands some recovery time?  Even a couple of weeks would help them rejuvenate and begin to work at maximum performance again.

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