To say that I never lie
Would be a lie
But to say that I always speak the truth
Is my Truth

My life was clouded with ‘shoulds’
And I was not Happy
Now I fill my life with ‘coulds’
and Opportunities abound.

Measure your Success by your own
Inner Happiness and Harmony.

If you wait for someone to say
I Love You before you do
Those three Precious words may never be spoken.

All of our hopes and dreams are carried inside us
Yet most of us look for fulfillment externally
The spirit is inside us all

I spent my whole life searching for ‘True Love’
Only to find it inside myself.

I only accept what is good and pure
Anything else-
I fill with Love and Light until it becomes pure.

If I could make you love me
I would not
Because love can only BE
When it is freely given.

You are a beautiful person.

Be kind to yourself
Be thankful
And you will be happy

How great our lives would be
If only we stopped and realized
How great our lives already are.

Travellers need to take the time
To rest and regain Strength
Appraise their progress and
Re-align their direction.

A beautiful flower needs Nurture and Care
How more so do our Family and Loved Ones
Love is like a flower – it needs nurturing to survive.

With guilt and anger I dwelt on my yesterdays
I filled my tomorrows with dread.
I wasted today on my yesterdays and tomorrows.

Fill each day with Acceptance and Love
And each day will be Fulfilling.

If you are too scared to reach for the clouds
How can you possibly hope to seek out the stars beyond?

I ran for days without stopping
Only considering what I was running to
I would have done better to stop and consider
What I was running from.

The energy wasted in one angry moment
Could be used to place a smile
On one thousand faces.

Be proud of your achievements every day
But also be thankful for the ability to achieve.

Every person you meet
Is a potential friend.

My most rewarding moments have been
When I held my hand out in Love and Friendship
And was Welcomed.

If the Heart and Soul are not healed
All else is Bandaid Therapy.

Chaos is formed in ourselves
Everytime we store a negative emotion
Let Go and Let Love.

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