About My Blog

Hello Everybody,

I have has so many questions about my website and comments on the quality of it.  I would like to answer these questions in bulk because otherwise I would be putting similiar answers on many posts.

1.   I am using a simple WordPress program.

2.   I use the “Reddle” theme.

3.  I think it cost me about $40.00 to get a .com address rather than a @wordpress.com account and it is a yearly cost.

4.  The set up is extremely easy to use and I can write my articles in Word and then copy and paste them onto my post.

5.   There is a lot of online help with WordPress from volunteers as well as from staff.

6.  I write my own articles from scratch.  I research a topic that interests me and if I find some good information  I  to share it.

Thank you everyone for your interest and comments.  If I can run a website I think most people can.  It is easy and fun and many people earn good money by selling and affiliations.  I have not started to earn money on it yet but I have started to earn some appreciation and respect.  To me that is equally important.  If the information I share can help somebody else I have already achieved what I set out to do.

Ros x

2 thoughts on “About My Blog

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    • While you may be right ( I have not researched it myself), I am a Vegetarian and would not have another being killed to enhance my health. There are many plant forms that the correct fatty acids. Stay tuned and I will look into it. Thanks for your advise.

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