I am writing a book!

I am writing a book – I guess it is part autobiography about a very lousy abusive childhood and the subsequent survival. But I am finding it is so much more than that. There are so many changes in our way of living over the last 50 years. How many of you realise that 40 +years ago people didn’t have doonas? Quilts were stuffed blankets made by diligent house wives and women’s groups? We had thick sheets and scratchy blankets. 3 blankets were the norm and temperature control was as simple as adding or removing a blanket. What is a blanket? Oh my goodness – there will be some who do not know. A blanket was the same size as a sheet – there were babies, singles & doubles. Each one tightly woven with wool. Much thicker and heavier than a jumper. It was quite heavenly to sleep under because of the heaviness. Think baby or Aspergers child – heavy blankets give them a feeling of greater calm and security. Works for all ages and degrees of the spectrum. Unfortunately, they are quite scratchy – hence the thick sheet. The cruelty to animals is also a problem. Although I submit that most wool farmers love their sheep and don’t mean to be cruel to them. However, there is a cross over with most animal farming – costs & safety of pain killers mean that some operations are cruel and painful.

Anyway – the Earth rotated a few times and doona’s were invented. They are often called quilts. Originally they were filled with feathers ( a whole different level of cruelty to animals I will link back to). Originally they were two sheets o& material – sewn together and stuffed with feathers. The feathers were evened out and the sheets were quilted so there were no lumpy sections in the Donna. A few more turns of the Earth and voila! We have ecologically sounder doonas stuffed with soft fluffy – non-animal derived doona’s. End of history lesson. Unless…. some one out there wants to fill in any gaps on the history of the humble doona?

Back from the Brink

Just a few pics below to show I am still alive.  Just barely and there is a long story behind that – I will share shortly.

After contracting Bird Fancier’s Lung, going on a gluten-free free, sugar-free vegan diet, doing lots of chiro & Physio I am finally getting the writing and living life bug back.  What a trip – stay tuned to read all about it.


Bird Fanciers Lung -Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP)

Hi there,

It has been a few years since I worked on this site.

I was diagnosed with Bird Fanciers Lung in 2015 after almost dying at Flinders Medical Center.

It has been a long and arduous journey back from the brink of death. I would have died without modern medicine and antibiotics. Natural health and healing is not infallible but it was also integral to my health and healing. I would not be fit and active if I did not embrace every natural healing method I could find and afford.

Rescued lorikeets returning, after being released 5 years ago.

Visiting rescued Rainbow Lorikeets

I am safe with Swiz because she bathes daily. We also use filters inside and encourage her to play outside. She is free flight but rarely leaves our yard.

Native to Australia, Rainbow Lorikeets are nectar eating birds. They have a long bristly tongue that they insert into the native flowers to collect the pollen.  In Spring the wild lorikeets can be seen with beaks covered in yellow pollen.  In tropical areas they are also often found drunk, from eating fermented fruit.

Swiz – our Rainbow Lorikeet -hand raised from 1 week old.