I am writing a book!

I am writing a book – I guess it is part autobiography about a very lousy abusive childhood and the subsequent survival. But I am finding it is so much more than that. There are so many changes in our way of living over the last 50 years. How many of you realise that 40 +years ago people didn’t have doonas? Quilts were stuffed blankets made by diligent house wives and women’s groups? We had thick sheets and scratchy blankets. 3 blankets were the norm and temperature control was as simple as adding or removing a blanket. What is a blanket? Oh my goodness – there will be some who do not know. A blanket was the same size as a sheet – there were babies, singles & doubles. Each one tightly woven with wool. Much thicker and heavier than a jumper. It was quite heavenly to sleep under because of the heaviness. Think baby or Aspergers child – heavy blankets give them a feeling of greater calm and security. Works for all ages and degrees of the spectrum. Unfortunately, they are quite scratchy – hence the thick sheet. The cruelty to animals is also a problem. Although I submit that most wool farmers love their sheep and don’t mean to be cruel to them. However, there is a cross over with most animal farming – costs & safety of pain killers mean that some operations are cruel and painful.

Anyway – the Earth rotated a few times and doona’s were invented. They are often called quilts. Originally they were filled with feathers ( a whole different level of cruelty to animals I will link back to). Originally they were two sheets o& material – sewn together and stuffed with feathers. The feathers were evened out and the sheets were quilted so there were no lumpy sections in the Donna. A few more turns of the Earth and voila! We have ecologically sounder doonas stuffed with soft fluffy – non-animal derived doona’s. End of history lesson. Unless…. some one out there wants to fill in any gaps on the history of the humble doona?

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