Growing An Organic Garden – Healthy For You And Your Wallet!

Old World Garden Farms

It used to be that if you told someone you were an organic gardener – they looked at you as though you had to be some sort of crazed hippie, separated from the rest of the “normal” world.

The beauty of organically grown produce The beauty of organically grown produce

Thankfully, organic gardening has now become all the rage!

In fact, millions of regular, every day backyard organic gardeners across the globe are growing their own food without the use of dangerous chemicals and sprays – and finding out that organic gardening is not only the “healthy” option – but far less expensive than using all of those costly fertilizers, sprays and more!

The simple fact is that growing organically is not only better for the health of your family and the land – but for the health of your pocketbook as well. And it goes without saying of course – the flavor of organically grown vegetables simply…

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Tomatoes, tomatos!

A few ads ago I spent $12.00 on a box of tomatoes. I spent a few more dollars on several greens from the discount section of the green grocers and this is what I turned up with!






So, as you can see I did a rather bumping cookup. I ended up with six meal bases to eat and another 8 meal bases to freeze. I have enough tomatoes tomorrow to make a sauce!

Raised Garden made with Pallets

I saw some really cool blogs about making raised gardens with pallets. These Youtube tutorials were from America.   I wondered if the same idea would work in  Australia – could we get free pallets, would the council be ok with me having them in the front yard,  would they be viable?

I did a quick Google search and immediately found an advert in Gumtree for 50 free pallets near where I live.

Pallets are a lot larger than they appear on the computer screen.  They are also a lot heavier!  I am  very lucky to have a wonderful brother who has a removal truck.  He even picked them up and brought them to me for free.  Here I must mention my equally wonderful sister-in-Law who helped Tim move the pallets whilst I was busy.