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Hello Everybody,

I have has so many questions about my website and comments on the quality of it.  I would like to answer these questions in bulk because otherwise I would be putting similiar answers on many posts.

1.   I am using a simple WordPress program.

2.   I use the “Reddle” theme.

3.  I think it cost me about $40.00 to get a .com address rather than a @wordpress.com account and it is a yearly cost.

4.  The set up is extremely easy to use and I can write my articles in Word and then copy and paste them onto my post.

5.   There is a lot of online help with WordPress from volunteers as well as from staff.

6.  I write my own articles from scratch.  I research a topic that interests me and if I find some good information  I  to share it.

Thank you everyone for your interest and comments.  If I can run a website I think most people can.  It is easy and fun and many people earn good money by selling and affiliations.  I have not started to earn money on it yet but I have started to earn some appreciation and respect.  To me that is equally important.  If the information I share can help somebody else I have already achieved what I set out to do.

Ros x

Exercise – Health Benefits versus Pain

Exercise is, apparently, quite important for health and healing.  After reading a scientific study about how exercise allows nitric oxide to be activated in our blood stream, which in turns opens up rip the blood vessels for better circulation etc… I decided to take the chooks out the front for a spot of gardening.  

The chooks (hens) were so happy that I stayed out for quite a while.  My little Angel (the latest rescue galah) came out with me and walked around the lawn.  My exercise was gentle – a little weed pulling, following Angel (she can’t fly) so she didn’t climb a high tree.  I weeded a raised strawberry garden and picked some lavender for my neighbour.  

so the exercise was nothing major.  And yet – I came inside with my back burning up and hardly able to straighten up.  Today- I am not so sure about this exercise business. I think I will wait until I receive my plain patches before I try that out again!

Medication and Herbal Remedies can be used in Synergy

As I think everyone is aware – I have Fibromyalgia.  I was diagnosed earlier this year.  In some ways I was relieved about the diagnosis – because it meant that I was not a hypochondriac, nor was I going crazy (or crazier).

I was also shocked that a healthy vegetarian who ate good wholesome food and lots of raw veggies should get this disease.

I have done my best to find alternative and natural therapies to help me fight this disease.  Unfortunately it is an uphill battle and I do resort to prescription medicine daily.  I supplement with turmeric, kombucha, ginger and herb teas.  I will be continuing to explore natural ways to keep the Fibromyalgia at bay.  I will also share my journey with you and I look forward to some interesting feedback.

I have been been rather remiss in keeping up with MMS and DMSO but back onto it next week.  I also tried some pain patches called Powerstrips.  They worked so well that I will be selling them on this website.

  • There may sometimes be illnesses that we cannot fight or contend with naturally.  That does not mean we have failed.  Holistic medicine is really a marriage of the old and the new.  Science and anecdotal medicines and treatments can work together in synergy.  This is how we get the best chance possible to heal and regenerate.  We cannot do this if we are in so much pain that we can’t perform simple tasks, get a good night’s sleep and be responsible for our lives.


    Writing for Therapy

    Just a quickie to ask –

    Have you ever considered writing as a therapy for yourself? It can actually really help with getting ideas worked out, letting go of anger and frustration.  I have just found a little booklet of prose that I wrote about 20 years ago.  I was a much more spiritual person then.  The little sayings I wrote would uplift me and those I shared them with.  I am going to type them up and put them in a new Category called “Starwords” – which is what I named them all those years ago.  I look forward to your comments on them.

    Count Your Blessings

    We had a young Chinese lady staying for almost a week. She was very curious and asked many questions. We have one if those wooden signs that are made to look aged, they have different positive affirmations.

    Cathy (real name unpronounceable – so she gave herself an easy one), asked me about the sayings. We got to the one that said “Count Your Blessings”. She did not seem to understand – so I explained it by counting my own out loud. I got to number twenty in just a few minutes.

    We have so many good things in our lives that we sometimes forget to be grateful for. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Some days are quite painful – but many days I am ok. I can write, play with my birds, do a little gardening, have HelpX people to help me http://www.helpx.net a wonderful husband, helpful adult children, running water, the ability to protest without being shot at…

    The list is endless. Thinking about these good things yesterday was a real ‘Pick Me Up’. We often count our woes but how about, after reading this post, you give yourself permission to count your own blessings and be grateful!

    Growing An Organic Garden – Healthy For You And Your Wallet!

    Old World Garden Farms

    It used to be that if you told someone you were an organic gardener – they looked at you as though you had to be some sort of crazed hippie, separated from the rest of the “normal” world.

    The beauty of organically grown produce The beauty of organically grown produce

    Thankfully, organic gardening has now become all the rage!

    In fact, millions of regular, every day backyard organic gardeners across the globe are growing their own food without the use of dangerous chemicals and sprays – and finding out that organic gardening is not only the “healthy” option – but far less expensive than using all of those costly fertilizers, sprays and more!

    The simple fact is that growing organically is not only better for the health of your family and the land – but for the health of your pocketbook as well. And it goes without saying of course – the flavor of organically grown vegetables simply…

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    A Simple Stir Fry

    I have been thinking lately of “Fast Food”. No one wBpnts to spend hours in the kitchen after a busy day out. I am, by no means, a saint. I spent must of today out and my husband was working late. Here is what I did to make a quick and easy meal!

    I set my Ipad up in the kitchen with a classic Iview Who Dunnit? To keep me entertained. I set two of the birds up for company and to give them fresh food!

    I cut up a frozen onion and put that in the wok to fry while I cut off some frozen turmeric and ginger. Then I threw in some lemon grass powder, chopped up some chili and capsicum and put all that on to cook with a little Himalayan salt. I put in cut up broccoli (including stalks) and unpeeled thinly sliced carrot. While that was cooking I chopped up some spinach, kale and rocket from yesterday’s big discount find at the green grocers. I just put all the greens on top, splashed on some vegetarian stir fry sauce and put a plate over it. I turned the gas off and poured a glass of wine – Mmm.

    When my husband got home we fried hokkien noodles in sesame oil and leeks. Tossed it together and wow. Some where in the mix my Husband, who us not a vegetarian yet, cooked a piece of steak – Grrrr. The meal probably took an hour to cook because I was watching an episode at the sample time.
    The meal was delicious, I did most of the fishes whilst cooking, an

    The Case of the Dissapearing Calcified Brain Tumour

    So the Brain Mole – a small calcified tumour. The doctor said I would die of old age before the tumour killed me. I decided I wasn’t risking it and went on a rigid diet for six weeks. The diet consisted of being completely vegan and following a protocol from The Cancer Tutor – http://www.cancertutor.com
    The protocol consisted of using MSM and DMSO on a regular hourly basis. I also used Zeolite for good measure.
    I had my MRI 3 months later and there was no sign of a calcified tumour. They said they must have made a mistake – but I know it was the diet that got rid of it!

    T.E.N.S Machines

    TENS stands for  transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.    Which basically means that it is electrical nerve stimulation applied to the skin.

    My kids bought me a “revitive”, which is  a machine that has a foot base with placements for the feet.  These have separate electrodes just for the feet and a separate setting.  Then there are two places to add plug ins for TENS pads .  I can use other attachments as well and I have glove attachments for my hands.

    I also have a small portable tens machine that is rechargeable.  I take it with me when I go away.  The portable T.E.N.S machine has a lot of functions such as massage, cupping, acupressure, stroking – each with a changeable strength.

    There is a reason I am telling you about this!

    I have been using my portable one since I strained my back recently – that, along with DMSO helped me considerably.