So you believe in God and Jesus

They gave animals just to please us?

It’s ok to lock hens in cages and mince alive the males?


So you believe that God is glorious

and of course, He loves each one of us!

Strange about the childhood rapes from Monks that dress in holy drapes!


So how did God decide which ones to believe the wicked lies he spun?

There are children dying of starvation – not welcome in our mighty nation

Should they believe that God is just and men don’t give into to monetary lust?


Do you believe in doing Good and living like a Christian should?

Would you open up your heart and home and spare a room for a desolate man?

Would you share your food with him, because you can, just on a whim?


Do you share your income with the poor? Not send them away from your precious door?

Would you empty out your fridge to give a meal to a hungry family?

Do you know what it is to really live?  Are you planning for Eternity?


I am not a Christian, a Buddhist or Hindu.  I dont’ differentiate between me and you.

Are you hungry?  Are you poor?  Can you find solace at my door?

Do you feel fear – do you feel pain?  Do you need me to help regain your equalibrium?


Are you a bird, a dog, a frog – a person sleeping behind a log?

I hope that you are wise and kind because in me you will all find tranquility.

I have the wisdom to know and see the being most in need of me!


Am I crazy? Mad? Insane?  To think that my husband’s and my good name

Iswritten in the wind, whispered through the flowering spring

Animals and people from far and wide are welcome into our hearts

And there they abide – for as long as they need until they decide

To thank us and move on!