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For those of you who do not know – MMS was the nutrient that I used to eradicate my calcified brain tumour.  It is used for so many other illnesses and has a great history of healing people from Malaria – with the help of The Red Cross.   If you or a loved one has a serious illness I strongly suggest buying these books by Jim Humble.   He has helped heal thousands of people.

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DMSO – Dimethyl Sulfoxide

I have been using DMSO for the last year for a variety of reasons.  I used it with a combination of  MMS (watch for this in another post) and citric acid to dissolve a small calcified tumour in my brain.  My brain is now clear of tumour but still has some calcification. I frequently  put DMSO on my arthritic fingers (I take my rings if first).  I use it on my neck and back – both of which have some damage due to work injuries.  Every time I use it I get some relief.

 I have used DMSO to heal a fungus toe of a loved  one!  I took pictures each day of the improvements!
Toe with Fungus

Day 2 of DMSO treatment.

Day 4 of DMSO Treatment

Day 4 of DMSO Treatment

 There is a very special quality that DMSO has – it can actually penetrate and carry other medicines through the body!

DMSO can carry other medications and substances through the skin and all through the body.  The down side of this is that it will also carry alcohol and other substances through as well.

 Clean your hands and the area of your body it is going on – very thoroughly!  For about an hour after you have used it keep yourself clean and away from any products it may may absorb.

I have taken it internally – 1 tsp full to stop a sore throat, sinus infection and other viruses.  It actually tastes really foul and leaves a very garlicky odour.   Usually I avoid swallowing it but it only takes a couple of doses to make me better!

 DMSO is not approved by the FDA  – there are a variety of reasons and excuses that they have.  It is approved for some urinary tract infections.  The most common reason given for not being able to approve it is that it has such a strong odour of garlic that it is not possible to do a double blind test.

You can order it online or from animal or specialty stores.  Make sure you get human grade DMSO. Below is an excerp I copied from Web Med – my favourite – go to place for medical (viewed 1/6/14). It explains it succinctly and concisely.

   ‘DMSO is a prescription medicine and dietary supplement. It can be taken by mouth, applied to the skin (used topically), or injected into the veins (used intravenously or by IV). DMSO is taken by mouth, used topically, or given intravenously for the management of amyloidosis and related symptoms. Amyloidosis is a condition in which certain proteins are deposited abnormally in organs and tissues. DMSO is used topically to decrease pain and speed the healing of wounds, burns, and muscle and skeletal injuries. DMSO is also used topically to treat painful conditions such as headache, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and severe facial pain called tic douloureux. It is used topically for eye conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, and problems with the retina; for foot conditions including bunions, calluses, and fungus on toenails; and for skin conditions including keloid scars and scleroderma. It is sometimes used topically to treat skin and tissue damage caused by chemotherapy when it leaks from the IV that is used to deliver it. DMSO is used either alone or in combination with a drug called idoxuridine to treat pain associated with shingles (herpes zoster infection). Intravenously, DMSO is used to lower abnormally high blood pressure in the brain. It is also given intravenously to treat bladder infections (interstitial cystitis) and chronic inflammatory bladder disease. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved certain DMSO products for placement inside the bladder to treat symptoms of chronic inflammatory bladder disease. DMSO is sometimes placed inside bile ducts with other medications to treat bile duct stones. In manufacturing, DMSO is used as an industrial solvent for herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, and plant hormones.

Medicinally, it is not approved for humans by the FDA.  It is however, easy to buy over the internet or even from pet suppliers as it is used extensively by veterinarians and animal breeders, particularly horse breeders and racers.

How does it work? DMSO helps medicines get through the skin and can effect protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water in the body.

If you have aches and pains, injuries that flare up or other health problems – give DMSO a go.  Just remember to change the areas that you put it on each day!  It can irritate the skin.  Put some aloe vera in the freezer and use it as required.  Aloe vera is magical for fixing burns and skin irritations, just make sure it is not the bought aloe vera that even though it says it is pure, has alcohol in it as a preservative – OUCH!

A Little Brain Mole!

After spending a few days with my son staying over, he actually told me that he thought I had early onset dementia and that I needed to go and see a doctor!  This did not go down very well but I came to realize that he was right.  My memory was worse than it had ever been and I was having difficulty locking anything into my short term memory.  I was getting confused with the least amount of stress and I had almost caused an accident whilst driving my son to the bus station.  Hence his concern.

So I bit the bullet and went to my doctor for the third time to tell her there was something else wrong with me besides depression.  Now here in Adelaide, Australia it is not that easy to get into to see one’s regular doctor.  It is even harder to get an appointment longer than 10 minutes and the Doctor will general rush the patient through quickly.  I had already been to her before to tell her that my memory loss and stress symptoms were not normal for depression.  I guess she thought her several years of study and experience  gave her more knowledge and insight into my problem than my gut instincts and ill expressed symptoms.  This time I burst into tears as I regaled some of the more serious effects of my memory loss and lapses in time – such as buying a pallet full of un-needed goods from the auction and not remembering that I bid on them.  She finally listened and sent me for a cat scan as well as upping my dose of anti-depressants.  Now I know that a Naturally Healthy Aussie shouldn’t even be on anti-depressants but after several months sitting and staring at walls and crying over every tiny thing that happened I actually admitted that I was not up to the task of curing myself any more.

The results came back and it was discovered that I had a 9mm very slow growing calcified Tumor in my brain.  I was so relieved that I believe I started crying all over again.  This may be a surprise to my readers but my theory is that dementia is very difficult if not impossible to reverse whereas I have read a myriad of examples of tumors being healed.  Add to this the fact that I actually had time to work on it myself and you can believe I was happy.  I also had a legitimate excuse for my memory loss and my close circle of friends and family all started to help me remember things instead of getting frustrated with me when I couldn’t.  My youngest daughter (25yr) coined the tumor a brain mole and that is what we have called it ever since.

The next thing I did was research, research and more research.  Weeding out the fads and fables from historical evidence regarding what causes tumors and cancer and what heals tumors and cancer.

I created a long list of things to avoid and things to add to my diet and life style and you will find a link to my list, on my website very soon.

The one thing that I found in my research that resonated most and had the most profound history of success was from  The  cancer tutor had information  about using MMS (miracle mineral supplement) and DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) for a variety of cures as well as cancer.  One of these that I was particularly interested in was detoxification of heavy metals.  The protocol that I followed was to use both of these every hour for ten hours a day for three weeks.  At the same time I had to stick to a purely vegan diet ( not too hard since I am a vegetarian), no alcohol and nothing containing sugar. I also had to avoid all refined foods.  During this  time I also ate three apples a day and made sure there was ginger and turmeric in all of my main meals.  I had cinnamon and honey in herb tea several times a day, I had one teaspoon each of spirulina and wheat grass twice a day and also had fresh carrot juice daily.

After a few days I already started thinking more clearly.  After  three weeks I had lost  a few kilos of weight, I had more energy than I had in weeks, I could remember recent conversations and events and I was thinking clearly for most of the time.

Another very noticeable consequence was that sores that had been on my legs and arms disappeared!  Sadly, other scars from a recent dog bite and my psoriasis were not effected at all.

I also created a lifestyle that supported my good days and my not so good days.  On a really good day, if I was bubbly and full of energy I would buy a heap of fresh vegetables and make up a stew to go with a fresh food side dish for a “fast food” meal.  On a bad day when I was feeling lethargic or down I could plod along with a simple routine and feed myself energy enhancing meals with almost no effort.

At the same time as this was happening there was a new fitness center open up which I joined with some of my family.  There are regular daily classes which I go to and I have really benefited from the exercise.

What I am describing is a very well rounded and holistic model of therapy that incorporates the medical field as little as possible and includes most aspects of life.  I still need to address the spiritual aspects of healing but am sort of floundering with that at the moment.




On the mend.

Well over the past few months there have been a few trials and tribulations in my life.  The good news is that things are looking up and soon I will go into great detail about a vegan diet, msm and dmso.  Things that heal.  We will also be looking at “the cancer diet” and what foods are assisting people with cancer and other life threatening diseases.