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‘Do not undervalue the headache. While it is at its sharpest it seems a bad investment; but when relief begins, the unexpired remainder is worth $4 a minute’.
Mark Twain

If I can show you a way of relieving your pain, of having a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning, aching and hurting all night long, would you be interested?

As you know, until recently, when you wanted pain relief for strong pain, you had to go to the Doctor and get a prescription for a codeine or opiate based medication.

Or, you’d have spent a lot of time, effort and money doing the rounds of different natural therapies, getting a small amount of relief from each one.

Now, if you agree with me then what I’m about to tell you will completely change how you feel about pain relief.

What changes will you make in your life once you are pain free?

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, sharp pain, muscle stiffness or headaches FGXpress PowerStrips can help you get your life back and live pain free.


Natural Pain Relief

Power Strips strip away Pain

Once you’ve decided to trial the pain strips you will have to work out which pain to tackle first. Knees, back, neck – where do you feel the most pain or need the most flexibility?  

Now it’s so easy to enjoy your life again and participate in it fully. I am here to help you go through the process of trialing, ordering or joining up with FDXpress PowerStrips™.

I tried the pain strips myself because I was going to write an article/testimonial about them as part of a job. Of course, the distributor wanted me to trial them so that I knew what I was talking about and could be perfectly honest.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and arthritis – so I was certainly a good candidate!

I was really surprised at how quickly they worked with me. I had chronic pain in my neck and the day I received the patches I was actually suffering from neck spasms. I had already taken every strong pain killer I was allowed and had another 2 hours before I could take the next lot. Guess what? I didn’t need to. Within an hour the pain had slipped away. I hadn’t even noticed it leaving my neck.

The patches can be used for two days and they were happy days indeed. I could even turn my from side to side.

The trial came with two pain strips and I waited until I really needed it before I used the second one. I used it for muscle spasms again – this time in my back. It was really quite painful – to the point where I could not stand up straight and I had to hang on to the furniture to move. I asked my hubby to place the patch on the sorest area of my back and I sat in the recliner to relax and watch some television. By the time the show was finished the pain had gone again. There was not even the residual pain that one gets from having back cramps.

In a very short time from now you too will feel the same relief from pain.

There may be some serious side effects from using the pain strips – these are what have been reported:

  • More Energy – Naturally doing more fun things.
  • Increased Circulation – feeling warmer and even glowing!
  • Increased Flexibility – moving joints and muscles easily.
  • Relief from Skin Conditions – sometimes eczema and psoriasis just fade away.
  • Clarity of Thought – Actually being able to make sense of instructions, recipes etc…
  • Better Memory – School dates, play dates, doctor’s appointments may just spring into your mind.

When you browse through my FGX site and look at the testimonials and the science behind the patches you will be as AMAZED as I am.

We have the ability to reach our full potential.

You will also notice on the site that there is an opportunity to join the business as part of a network marketing business. This is your choice and I will never pressure you. I joined the site so that I could buy the pain strips at a heavily discounted price.

After a while I had so many people asking me how they could get some that I decided to embrace the network marketing idea – so that my family and friends could also buy their patches at a wholesale price. You’ll find yourself getting excited about all the possibilities.

Here you’ll find the choice to buy pain strips for your own personal use and that of your family. You will also have the opportunity to buy at a heavily discounted price. If, like me, you have been unable to work at a ‘real’ job and struggling to have a good quality of life – you might choose to become a distributor yourself.

I invite you to join the thousands of people around the world who use FGXpress PowerStrips to recreate their lives.

Once you join this exclusive group, you’ll get:


FDXpress PowerStrips are so effective that they have been listed with the American FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.

There are more testimonials on my FGXpress site – The Naturally Healthy Aussie FGXpress

Power Strip Pain Patches

Why not have both? I heard someone ask? Why not indeed

As you sit there reading this article, you’re

beginning to realize just how great you can feel now that you can make plans again, set dates, go on holiday and live your life to the fullest.

I am so excited to help you on your journey!

Think of the FGXpress PowerStrips as your personal pain relieving device – (Better than pain killing medication only natural and healthy).

Power Strips also have the ability to help your body heal itself because they increase circulation and permeate deep Infra-Red Heat (the type that heals and relieves pain).  

FGXpress Management are a team of professionals dedicated to making Natural Power Strips that work! They also have business professionals  dedicated to making their business work. They prove this by having a simple joining routine, a very cheap joining fee and plenty of support.

All Natural Ingredients

FGXpress Power Strips are NATURAL

FDXpress are also dedicated to providing a natural product that does NOT harm the environment. I am proud to say that they are also humanitarians and support Kiva – a not for profit organization that provides loans to people in third world countries to start their own business. I have supported Kiva for years and when I found out that FGXPress do as well – it was the icing on the cake.

So the question now is: are you serious about getting relief from your pain?

Are you serious about being one of the few people who can truly say they are experiencing Natural Pain Relief?

Are you ready to begin your journey?

If you answered “Yes!” Then give yourself the gift of signing up for a free trial!

You can do this by sending me an email at aussiewriter63@iinet.net.au – make sure you add your contact and postage details.

If you don’t want to delay – join up as a customer on the website and place an order today

Once you have decided to try the power strips you will have to work out which area to tackle first. Knees, back, neck – where do you feel the most pain or need the most flexibility?  

If you want to buy at a heavy discount or want to start your own business you can go that tiny step further and sign up as a distributor. It only costs $12.00 to join up – which you can recover with the discount from your first order.

Look through this websitehttp://thenaturallyhealthyaussie.fgxpress.com/#Home Knowing that I am always here to help you.

“PowerStrips™ are a patented, all natural pain relief that combines ancient herbs and modern technology, FDA Class 1 Medical Device” FGXpress PowerStrips™”


“All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.” Philippus Theophrastrus Bombast that of Aureolus ~ Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Exercise – Health Benefits versus Pain

Exercise is, apparently, quite important for health and healing.  After reading a scientific study about how exercise allows nitric oxide to be activated in our blood stream, which in turns opens up rip the blood vessels for better circulation etc… I decided to take the chooks out the front for a spot of gardening.  

The chooks (hens) were so happy that I stayed out for quite a while.  My little Angel (the latest rescue galah) came out with me and walked around the lawn.  My exercise was gentle – a little weed pulling, following Angel (she can’t fly) so she didn’t climb a high tree.  I weeded a raised strawberry garden and picked some lavender for my neighbour.  

so the exercise was nothing major.  And yet – I came inside with my back burning up and hardly able to straighten up.  Today- I am not so sure about this exercise business. I think I will wait until I receive my plain patches before I try that out again!

The Minimalists everthing that remains tour – Melbourne

The Minimalists everthing that remains tour – Melbourne

I would love to be in Melbourne for this.  A couple of men talking about how they turned their lives around by rejecting capitalism and owning objects.  Minimalism is a concept that is hard to grasp at first.  It is about letting go, each day making tiny decisions that will effect our long term future, in a positive way.  Minimalism is removing unnecessary cluttter – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

A Little Brain Mole!

After spending a few days with my son staying over, he actually told me that he thought I had early onset dementia and that I needed to go and see a doctor!  This did not go down very well but I came to realize that he was right.  My memory was worse than it had ever been and I was having difficulty locking anything into my short term memory.  I was getting confused with the least amount of stress and I had almost caused an accident whilst driving my son to the bus station.  Hence his concern.

So I bit the bullet and went to my doctor for the third time to tell her there was something else wrong with me besides depression.  Now here in Adelaide, Australia it is not that easy to get into to see one’s regular doctor.  It is even harder to get an appointment longer than 10 minutes and the Doctor will general rush the patient through quickly.  I had already been to her before to tell her that my memory loss and stress symptoms were not normal for depression.  I guess she thought her several years of study and experience  gave her more knowledge and insight into my problem than my gut instincts and ill expressed symptoms.  This time I burst into tears as I regaled some of the more serious effects of my memory loss and lapses in time – such as buying a pallet full of un-needed goods from the auction and not remembering that I bid on them.  She finally listened and sent me for a cat scan as well as upping my dose of anti-depressants.  Now I know that a Naturally Healthy Aussie shouldn’t even be on anti-depressants but after several months sitting and staring at walls and crying over every tiny thing that happened I actually admitted that I was not up to the task of curing myself any more.

The results came back and it was discovered that I had a 9mm very slow growing calcified Tumor in my brain.  I was so relieved that I believe I started crying all over again.  This may be a surprise to my readers but my theory is that dementia is very difficult if not impossible to reverse whereas I have read a myriad of examples of tumors being healed.  Add to this the fact that I actually had time to work on it myself and you can believe I was happy.  I also had a legitimate excuse for my memory loss and my close circle of friends and family all started to help me remember things instead of getting frustrated with me when I couldn’t.  My youngest daughter (25yr) coined the tumor a brain mole and that is what we have called it ever since.

The next thing I did was research, research and more research.  Weeding out the fads and fables from historical evidence regarding what causes tumors and cancer and what heals tumors and cancer.

I created a long list of things to avoid and things to add to my diet and life style and you will find a link to my list, on my website very soon.

The one thing that I found in my research that resonated most and had the most profound history of success was from http://www.thecancertutor.com  The  cancer tutor had information  about using MMS (miracle mineral supplement) and DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) for a variety of cures as well as cancer.  One of these that I was particularly interested in was detoxification of heavy metals.  The protocol that I followed was to use both of these every hour for ten hours a day for three weeks.  At the same time I had to stick to a purely vegan diet ( not too hard since I am a vegetarian), no alcohol and nothing containing sugar. I also had to avoid all refined foods.  During this  time I also ate three apples a day and made sure there was ginger and turmeric in all of my main meals.  I had cinnamon and honey in herb tea several times a day, I had one teaspoon each of spirulina and wheat grass twice a day and also had fresh carrot juice daily.

After a few days I already started thinking more clearly.  After  three weeks I had lost  a few kilos of weight, I had more energy than I had in weeks, I could remember recent conversations and events and I was thinking clearly for most of the time.

Another very noticeable consequence was that sores that had been on my legs and arms disappeared!  Sadly, other scars from a recent dog bite and my psoriasis were not effected at all.

I also created a lifestyle that supported my good days and my not so good days.  On a really good day, if I was bubbly and full of energy I would buy a heap of fresh vegetables and make up a stew to go with a fresh food side dish for a “fast food” meal.  On a bad day when I was feeling lethargic or down I could plod along with a simple routine and feed myself energy enhancing meals with almost no effort.

At the same time as this was happening there was a new fitness center open up which I joined with some of my family.  There are regular daily classes which I go to and I have really benefited from the exercise.

What I am describing is a very well rounded and holistic model of therapy that incorporates the medical field as little as possible and includes most aspects of life.  I still need to address the spiritual aspects of healing but am sort of floundering with that at the moment.